Daisy Miller

from by Heavy Jamal

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Narrative Henry James novella raps, what up!


[I used to roll with a sly cat named Randy Winter. He was a real popular gee. Lemme tell you bout how he almost got iced. This what he told me:]

I was simply chillin, villainously weed dealin
in Germantown Philly, when a cutie said she feelin
how it's like I rock the ceiling I got so many fans
so I said "what's ya name, where ya come from, damn,
baby, red hair like meant to be stared at,
back like a whole grove of mangoes, please lemme taste that—"
"Ya frontin"—that was all she said—
then she twisted at the hip, turned around, and left.
I followed suit, said "two can play hard-ball,
plus I bet them daisy dukes get a whole lot of cat calls
and yes y'alls," she said, "indeed indeed
they call me Daisy Dukes and I'm pristine, a dream,
black chick with bubblegum lipstick and a wig
and yes I like ya style but ya need a leaf of fig
to cover up ya doghouse mind, it's too obvious,
plus I'm only dickteasing, mama'd be furious,
I'm too young, and I don't even live here,
only chillin out till we head back to Brownsville"
I said "Cool, I can respect that,
it's simply that it's mad hot, my brain's crazy one-tracked,
if you like I can give you a lift,
there's a castle down the road, no lie, we could smoke a spliff—"
she said, "Word, …take me back to my Aunt Merle,
Y'all can talk and maybe in a day or two we'll be, uh, homegirls,"
I laughed, she laughed, I met her aunt
smooth-talking/good-lookin older chick, hip,
asked if the three of us could split the aforementioned spliff
I said, "Yeah, we could roll deep like submarines and shit,"
I took Daisy out, leaving out the nasty stuff,
We had a good day or two, auntie had a couple puffs
of good weed, she said, "Peace, Mr. Winter, please,
Come and see us soon, the girl needs a role model or three."

[But I wasn't really cool with the whole deal, Heavy—
I can see why not—
Fuckin with a young mind, not trying to do wrong—
What happened next, Wint?—You tell em, Jay, this is yo song—]

Looked her up the next year to say hello
And caution that Miss Dukes could take life a ways slow
Her aunt cryin, "She's been in Philly for a week,
Chillin with a mob cat who spits when he speaks,"
Mr. Big Panino, I met em at the castle doors
all broke in and smoked a spell,
talked it out, what the hell,
She seemed happy, maybe caught up in living fast,
Only I could shake my head, shake some hands and peace back,
to report to her aunt what I seen,
too weak to stop the girl from livin in her dreams
stead of using her head right, she's living in some next life,
Didn't think about it till the next winter my phone lights
up in the dead of night, it's auntie, the girl passed,
complications from a bug she caught throwin a long pass,
you know, hailin Mary like y'all hail a cab,
trying not be bored, too smart for school bland
too hot for cold nights, too young for living grand
too grand for poor blocks, too tight for loose shocks,
rusty rims, holy candles, Voudou, or holy socks
Almost caught the bug from a chick on a trip
Probably helped ruin her life, now mine's shit
Don't feel good about nothing I've done,
let the beat ride out as Heavy Jamz gets it done

[That's all my boy said, last I heard he fucked up
baggin Don Panino's wife, almost got his collar cut
instead took a vay-kay in Colombia,
only hope he's learned to be strong, say no to younger]

[Kids, this has been a PSA, from Heavy Jamal,
Devil, Mangoose, and those American Apparel ads
wherein eleven year olds are encouraged to where spandex…
That shit's retarded…]


from SHINING SKY LOBSTER, released April 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Heavy Jamal Brooklyn, New York

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